One Wheel XR
One Wheel XR
One Wheel XR

One Wheel XR

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The Newest OneWheel XR is here. 

Designed and manufactured in right here in California, Onewheel + XR is the latest model of FutureMotion’s single-wheeled, revolutionary electric riding platform that’s controlled by simply leaning your body in the direction you want to go.
Onewheel Plus combines the motion-sensing technology of a smartphone with motor and battery technology from the electric car industry and is designed to be so intuitive that you can learn the basics in just a few rides.

In talking with many of you, we know the dream has been to go on bigger adventures, ride farther, or even use Onewheel as your primary vehicle. We happened to agree and our engineers set out to make that a reality with Onewheel+ XR. Onewheel+ XR takes all of the awesomeness of Onewheel+ and let’s you enjoy it for almost 2.5x farther. With a bigger battery on-board, our engineers were able to squeeze more power out of the pack which gives XR more juice to help with high torque situations and overall ride quality. This opens the door for endless possibilities, seamless commutes and, no more worries about making it back home. Together with Onewheel+ there’s now a board that fits every rider’s needs.


Onewheel+ XR Specs:

Range: 12-18 miles!!

Recharge Time: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

Weight: 27 lbs

Top Speed: 19 mph